About Us

Hey y'all! We are Elise and Katie, the owners of Pomp and Circumstance!

Our friendship began during an exhausting time of our life; A season where we both desired to find ourselves again amidst the chaos and struggles of parenthood, challenges of raising children with autism, and battles with depression.

We live our life authentically, transparently, and with God at our forefront. Some days we are just not feeling it, and other days, we are laughing and dancing hysterically. We live our lives to the fullest and wear our hearts on our sleeves, and we would not have it any other way!

In this new era of owning Pomp and Circumstance, we believe that every woman should look and feel her best in every season of her life. We know that when you shop, you are choosing more than just clothing, you're choosing a community. A community that will build you up and stand by your side in life through fashion and faith, and we are that community for you!

So be sure to reach out to us through email or
Instagram. We want to get to know you, because, after all, YOU are the reason we do what we do.